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web development, web marketing, web management, content management, pay per click advertising & search engine optimization We are embedded invisibly in some of America's most influential advertising agencies and web development companies.

Their clients demand online marketing and these companies realize they cannot deliver what we do at the level that we can.

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Offer Marden's online marketing services to your clients. Expand your offerings and increase your revenues without the client knowing Marden exists   confidentially.

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click through advertising

click through advertising

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Internet Click-Through Advertising Management:


What is click-through advertising or Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?
What if your billboard campaign only charged you for each person who called your 800 number after seeing your sign? 

Click-through advertising works something like that.

You are only charged when someone sees your PPC text ad and clicks through to your site.

What are the benefits of Pay-Per-Click or click-through advertising?

We are embedded in marketing agencies to manage their client's PPC accounts.

click through advertising Efficiency. Your click-through ads appear only when potential users of your company's services go looking for what you have to offer.

click through advertising Affordability. You only pay for clicks that result in a visit to your site.

click through advertising Control. You set every cost from the amount you are willing to pay per click to the total cost of your campaign.

click through advertising Information. You receive detailed tracking reports that supply you with crucial demographic and pricing information that can be applied to other marketing initiatives.

Why Marden for click-through advertising services?

We are sought out time and again by our clients because of our experience and expertise. We design, launch, monitor and consult for Google click-through campaigns and a host of other channel partners and search engines.

Our time and client tested strategies create many-faceted click-through campaigns that speak to different types of users using many types of communication styles. We cast a wide net and bring in our catch.


Experience + skill = increased effectiveness and minimized costs.


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click through advertising

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click through advertising

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